I’m a Survivor

Every year in Ohio there are 65,000 car accidents. This includes drunk drivers, car failures, bad driving, etc.Car accidents are terrible and scary for everyone involved. Most of the time we see car accidents in third person, but some of us get to see them first hand.

My first car was a 2003 Ford Explorer. My family has had this car for as long as I can remember. Before I could drive it we had to take it to the shop many times. The last and final day anyone ever saw that car was April,14 2019.

I was driving down Hamilton Cleves road on my way home from my friend Sabrina’s house. I had to stop for gas on my way home, and when I was leaving I felt the right side of my car drop around the curve. At this point I realized it was do or die. I straddled the wheel long enough to hit the guard rail. 

Next thing I remember is “God’s Country” playing in the background. I was on my stomach laying on the ground with glass all over and blood. I soon noticed that my body flung across my car taking my console out with my body. When I reached for my phone to call my mom I blacked out again. After this the only thing I remember is the ambulance.

In the ambulance I remembered being asked all these questions, and all I was concerned about was missing my FFA meeting the next day and missing the AIR test. I was passed out for most of the ride, until we stopped at the first hospital.

The first hospital we stopped at was Mercy Hospital near Cincinnati. I was there for only a couple hours. Then I was sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I remember my mom and aunt holding my hands on the bed while I was rolled into the surgery room. It was 12:28 when I felt this extracting pain. There was blood filling into my lungs so the doctor had to put a tube in the side of my chest.

Once I was conscious enough to talk, I was told everything that happened. I broke all the ribs on my right side, two broken ribs on my left side. I fractured my T2 and T7 spinal. I punctured my right lung, and my liver was torn to a level 4. Blood was flowing into my lungs all while I’m awake.

Overall this accident has changed my life forever. I now suffer from PTSD. But the miracle in this story is that I lived. Logically I should’ve died. Never give up, and always trust in God.