Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

About Us

Our Mission:

The Ross High Times, Student Voices Amplified, and affiliated social media accounts strive to provide an outlet for student voices in a professional and genuine manner. Each journalist takes on a duty to provide news and awareness on a variety of ideas, interests, and important issues connected to Ross High School. The Ross High Times aims to give Ross High School students a platform to “Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Herd.”


Editorial Policy: 

While our goal is to inform, entertain, and educate the students of Ross High School in a professional manner, it is also important to remember that we are human too, correcting errors as we go. The professional views demonstrated through our publication do not represent the viewpoints of Ross High School and/or the Ross Local School Board. Content that may stimulate heated debate or discussion is not included in this definition. Each article will be deeply considered on a case by case basis. The content is ultimately determined by the student staff and the adviser(s) and should reflect all areas of student interest. 


Request to change, removal of content, and corrections:

The Ross High Times staff will always make sure published work is valid and factual through our rigorous and attentive editing process. All published work will stay published unless it is proved to be falsified information. The only articles that will be removed from the Ross High Times page would be offensive, false, or unethical pieces. Requests for changes or content removal can be submitted to the Advisor. Any changes made will be noted at the bottom of the corrected article.


Death of a person on campus:

Any current student, staff member, or administrator who dies during the year will be covered in a tasteful and respectful manner within our online publication. Standard coverage will include factual information (date of birth, date of death, survivors, organizations, hobbies and interests) in a 300-400 word obituary and include one mug shot. The Ross High Times staff will first obtain permission from the deceased’s family before publishing any information regarding the cause of death. All deceased persons will also receive small recognition in the Senior Edition newspaper. 



Q: Who is the Ross High Times?

A: Student writers and editors informing others through various platforms about topics surrounding Ross High School, the Ross Local School District, and the Ross community.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: Students can sign up for the course during scheduling for the next calendar year, or see the Advisor about writing as an outside source.


Q: How often does the Ross High Times publish?

A: We publish weekly throughout the school year, as well as produce a print edition at the end for current seniors. 


Q. Who do I contact with questions?

A. Questions can be directed to the Advisor.


Q. How do I purchase an Ad for the online editorial and/or printed Senior Edition?

A. See the ‘Advertise With Us’ tab on our website.