Ross High Times

RHS Cafeteria Increases Sustainability
The History and Traditions of St. Patrick’s Day
RHS Adds New Classes for the 2020-2021 School Year
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Battling my Medication

Emma Haun

Prescribed medication spilled on a plain white countertop in the bathroom.

Grain Bin Safety from Jay Butterfield, Local Survivor

Riley Township Fire Department

Jay Butterfield is rescued by several fire department officials from a grain bin in Ross, OH.


Michael Kahmann

A man stands alone at the Reflecting Pool in Washington D.C..

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RHS Swim & Dive Dominates Last Season Records
Turning Setbacks Into Triumph
Get to Know RHS’ Athletic Trainer
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Animal Crossing Reaches for New Horizons
The Book Nook: Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott with Tobias Iaconis and Mikki Daughtry
Album Review: “Fine Line” by Harry Styles
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Extended Spring Break Boredom

Ashley Caudill

Junior Amber Caudill sits in a homemade fort watching Netflix.

Movie vs Book: After

Chloe Rack

Todd's book After and the on screen adaptation, side by side.

Opinion: Today Still Matters

Kelley Dunn

RMS student Luke Dunn snoozes past his school alarm during the state mandated COVID-19 break.

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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.
Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.