Grow As We Go


Alexa Gibbons

Plants and an inspirational quote sit on top of a bookshelf at Ross High School.

The idea of ebb and flow within everyday life is not that it is a constant push and shove, but more the fact that it never will be. As the tide leaves the shore, “ebb” is used to describe the motion of the current. With the return of the tide, “flow” is put into perspective. This can be placed into reality when you view it by the seasons of your life. There is a specific purpose for each individual moment, in which a lesson will be learned to further your growth as a person.

At this particular time in the school year, changes have begun to be made. Commitments are signed, students have made future college and career decisions, as well as the end of what was, now is. However fatal that may sound, it should not alarm you; for we are encouraged to grow as we go.

Our lives tend to follow in similar reverence to Newton’s second law, “An object in motion stays in motion”. Once acted upon by an outside force, or in this case the smaller decisions we may not have much control over, much bigger events will occur. While many will never see these larger events coming, they define who we are as people and unravel without traction.

Senior Landon Hermann stated, “I am sad and happy to see my highschool times come to an end. It does not feel real in a way in [which] it does not seem to be here…There was a cause and effect because every week I knew that it was getting closer to the end of my career…”

The end of new things brings bittersweet sadness to all. Watching the ones we love follow the tide out in search of bigger dreams can cause ripple effects across the board. In this case, seniors will now be setting out towards the next chapter in life. This looks completely different for everybody, including those who may find their true belonging outside of Ross High School.

Senior Thia Mohr stated, “I’m sad to leave high school but looking at colleges and picking the one for you is so exciting. Once you start planning to leave for college and meeting new people, it makes it a lot easier to leave. I’m enjoying the last bit of high school but I’m also looking forward to college.”

Some seniors will use the newfound freedom of the future as inspiration to find what is next for them in their personal journey. Others see it as a fact of life, trusting that everything will work out in the end regardless of how it comes.

Senior Riley Thomas stated, “The past few years held so many highs, and so many lows, from the excitement of receiving your first college acceptance letter to the anxiety that comes with every test or exam. Regardless of the stresses that happen during our teenage years, I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world, every last moment was well worth it!”

The reality of ebb and flow within everyday life is it will lead you to meet people you never knew you could live without. It will prepare you for situations you couldn’t have imagined not living through. It will push you to limitations never before imagined; and once you think you’ve found your breaking point the glass ceiling will shatter once again. Thus beginning the process back at step one.