The Staffletes: Before She Was Mrs. Buehner


Keegan Nickoson

Mrs. Buehner shows what she was most passionate about in high school.

Keegan Nickoson, Staff Writer and Editor

Jessica Buehner is Ross’ Varsity Soccer Coach and a building sub here at RHS. However, did you know that she was a three sport athlete in high school and played soccer at the collegiate level? Its safe to say her skills go far beyond coaching.

Mrs. Buehner’s knowledge of the game has grown from her experience with the sport, and being instructed by multiply different coaches.

“I had a really good relationship with Mr. Hibbs, he was one of my favorite coaches. I learned the most from him, a lot of the stuff I do now I learned from Hibbs and I’ve been able to carry it on,” said Buehner.

Her technique has really rubbed off on her players.

Senior Haley Cunningham said,”She’s probably one of the best coaches I’ve had, purely because she wants to coach for a while and build a foundation for the future.”

A 2003 graduate of RHS, Buehner had immense success on the field for the Rams in high school. She has received many awards including 1st team all FAVC her sophomore year. This success on the field drew the looks of some college coaches and Buehner went on to play soccer at Wilmington College.

Buehner said, ”It just fit, I think growing up in Ross and having a small town feel, going somewhere bigger was daunting for me. Going on my visit and feeling that closeness and close knit community, it just fit for me.”

Her most winning season at Wilmington was her freshman year, when the Quakers made a deep run into the NCAA DIII tournament.

“We went to the Sweet 16 which was a really cool experience. Sometimes you don’t even get to make the tournament, but being able to make the tournament and go so far was really cool,” said Buehner.

Even though she was one of the shorter people on the field, she didn’t shy away from competing at the top of her game.

“I remember one game, she collided heads with another player, and she didn’t even come out of the game. That really speaks to her toughness and competitiveness,” said Ben Buehner, Mrs. Buehner’s husband.

Buehner was an outside wing for most of her career at Wilmington, but spent a little bit of time as a defender for the soccer team.

“I did play a little bit of defense my senior year, we had a defender get hurt and we needed somebody back there so I got moved. It ended up being good, I wasn’t sure I was a good defender but I did okay,” said Buehner.

Even though she was a very talented soccer player in high school, and collegiately, she also played basketball and softball here at Ross. Starting out as the manager of the basketball team, Buehner had the opportunity to be involved with drills and scrimmages during practice to grow her skill set for the game.

“My friends all played so I thought I would help out and hang out with my friends… I actually ended up starting by the end of the season which was crazy,” said Buehner.

The head basketball coach was also the softball coach and saw how athletic she was, so she gave her a shot on the softball diamond shortly thereafter.

Buehner said, “I tried out and by my sophomore year I was on varsity and played all 4 years. I was a center fielder and since I was learning they made me a slapper, and my forte was stealing a lot of bases.”

Buehner is a great individual who has already made a big impact on RHS, and the Ross community as a whole. Go out and support Coach Buehner and the varsity girls this Saturday for senior night and a big game against Badin. Also, make sure to go to her if you have any questions about recruiting, or being a student athlete in college.