Opinion: The Power of Words


Mariah Clemow

Students hold pieces of paper that have positive words that represent who they are.

In high school it is easy to get caught in the moment and not give a second thought to the words you’ve spoken to a stranger, a teacher or even a friend. Sometimes the chaos of life gets a hold of us and we forget, our words have power.

Words leave impressions. Some have the ability to turn someone’s day from good to bad or vice versa.

Senior Makenna Wurzelbacher said, “I truly believe others words impact people on a daily basis. You never know what someone is going through and sometimes it changes everything for them.”

The words that seem to leave the most impact are the ones that hurt the most. THe power of words can go either way in making someone’s day better or creating a scar for that person to remember forever. 

Senior Courtney Schneider said, “I tend to remember the discouraging words spoken rather than the uplifting ones I receive. I value the opinions close to me and often find myself upset if a small ‘joke’ or degrading remark is made. Once I hear the comment my whole mood shifts and it is something I will always remember.”

Words can be sentimental, the most beautiful and delicate of things. I think people throw words and phrases out at eachother like it’s nothing. Like it doesn’t leave a scar, or it doesn’t have the power to change someone’s day. Personally, I forget that what I say has a meaning to someone else. I can’t play victim to only getting my feelings hurt when people say things to me when I know I do the same without even realizing I may have hurt someone’s feelings.

Schneider said, “I would advise people to think before they speak. Even if it’s your best friend and you don’t mean to hurt their feelings. Words have the power to change a person’s whole day around. I don’t think people know they have the power to do this and sometimes it is a let down.”

I personally have dealt with the hurt of words and the scars they tend to leave. Yet I have felt the joy of someone speaking positive and loving words, knowing what they are saying will make me feel loved and affirmed. The power of words doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just depends how one uses them on others.

Wurzelbacher said, “I love giving and receiving compliments or words that lift others up. It has the power to make me feel better about myself and others. I sometime just don’t take time to be intentional with my words and then the power behind them gets lost in the chaos.”

People as a whole should slow down and think of the affect their words may have. Take a minute to breathe before taking the chance to hurt someone’s feelings.

Wurzelbacher said, “Listen before you speak; a great way to fully comprehend a situation before changing it.”

“Make a goal with yourself to give three uplifting comments aday and see if it not only makes others around us happy, but makes ourselves feel happy and lighter as well,” said Schneider.

Make sure to know the words you speak have an impact, you decide what that impact will be. Compliment someone on their knowledge, praise them for their talents, tell them you appreciate them. You have the power, use it.