Opinion: Embracing the Loneliness


Mariah Clemow

A student embracing being alone by posing in front of a window with a dark shadow outline of the student.

Alone. The world has spun this word into a negative thing, something that should be fixed. As high schoolers, we strive to be surrounded by people but what if we find comfort being alone? We may grow.

Loneliness can be hard at first, isolating yourself into something that feels lonely or and dark, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. As a society, we are told to stay busy, fill our lives with people and things to do. People and busyness aren’t bad but when we choose to overflow on it, it can feel exhausting.

Senior Olivia Dunn said, “Sometimes you just go through seasons of life. Half of the time I am rushing to go and meet people and get things done but some of the time I am just by myself with nothing to do.”

Having nothing to do can be the best gift. Having only yourself for a little while can mean growth, learning about yourself or just enjoying your own company. It’s okay to be alone. You don’t need someone by you all the time. It is healthy to take time for yourself.

I always wanted to be surrounded by people. Like my friends or wanting a boyfriend. I think that is just a part of high school, wanting to be wanted. I have learned over the past four years. That I am usually the only constant in my life. Getting to know myself in the seasons of busyness and resting is a gift. I know myself more because instead of sitting in my sadness of loneliness when my friends were busy, I would go to a coffee shop and enjoy my own presence. It gives me a sense of peace that I can give myself entertainment and be independent from others. My joy and what I think of myself doesn’t rely on if I am busy or hanging out with people constantly.

If we embrace solitude, then when seasons of loneliness come, it doesn’t hurt as bad. The world doesn’t have an opinion on how you should feel. Choose to embrace solitude and grow in it.

Psychology Today reported, “Loneliness is the pain of being alone, and is damaging. Solitude is the joy of being alone, and is empowering.”

In being alone, there are multiple things to celebrate. It is where one can find peace, rest in a crazy whirlwind of life. Solitude can allow you to be left with your own thoughts and enjoying yourself.

“You are the one who has to live with yourself for the rest of your life. So, maybe instead of sitting in loneliness, go spend time with yourself, enjoy your own self, getting to know yourself, especially before heading off to college,” said Dunn.

Go to a coffee shop, read a book. Spend time just thinking. It might sound cliché, but your thoughts are your own. Rest in loneliness, because it is a beautiful thing to be alone sometimes.