Gardner Deemed Ohio’s “World Language Teacher of the Year”


United States Capitol Visitor's Center

Mrs. Angela Gardner humbly accepts her award at the United States Capitol Visitor’s Center. Left to right: Angela Gardner, Martha Halemba, Senator Sherrod Brown, Debbie McCorkle.

Katie Ledford, Staff Writer and Editor

Ross’s Spanish teacher Mrs. Angela Gardner was awarded with the title of Ohio’s World Language Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Foreign Language Association (OFLA).

Gardner has showcased her teaching style well and demonstrated expertise in her classroom strategies. On top of that, she is involved with a variety of activities in RHS.

According to the OFLA, “Her [Gardner’s] principal and superintendent praised her hard work and professionalism through her many efforts which include: service learning, having her student work published in magazines, starting a National Spanish Honor Society chapter, leading student trips, and developing policies on international student travel.”

Senior and AP Spanish student Hannah Latimer said, “She is constantly attending meetings and classes in order for her to learn how to teach better and more effectively for all of her students.”

Gardner’s role as a teacher takes serious hard work and dedication. Her passion for education should be acknowledged, and this award can be considered some of Gardner’s recognition. Gardner works both for the benefit of her students and the benefit for her passion of the Spanish language.

“In her classes, I have not only learned the Spanish language but also the cultural aspects of different countries and how it affects us today. Through her classes, I have obtained an appreciation for other countries and their cultures,” said Latimer.

To get selected for this award is no easy feat. Gardner had to put in her fair share of work to be considered for the title.

Gardner stated, “I went through a process where I submitted evidence of my teaching and professional involvement to a committee and went through an interview at the Ohio Foreign Language Association Conference last spring. The committee used rubrics to evaluate all of the candidates, and I was informed that I had been selected in the summer.”

Following her award, OFLA stated that Gardner “will represent OFLA at the Central States Conference in Columbus March 14-16.”

“I will now move on to represent Ohio language teachers and interview for the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Languages Teacher of the Year award in mid-March. The conference has a nice banquet where they recognize many award winners, including the Teacher of the Year for each state and for the overall region,” Gardner said.

This accomplishment is a big deal for Gardner, and should be considered a milestone in her teaching career.

Gardner stated, “I feel excited and overwhelmed! I feel very honored to have been selected to represent Ohio language teachers.”

Take time to stop by room 150 and congratulate Gardner on her accomplishments, and wish her luck regarding her upcoming interview for the Central States Conference.