Joy Beyond RHS

Sophomore Lauren Uhl playing goalkeeper at her Cincinnati West soccer game.

Lauren Uhl

Sophomore Lauren Uhl playing goalkeeper at her Cincinnati West soccer game.

Emma Haun, Staff Writer

Different people find joy in a multitude of things. RHS students enjoy school-offered activities including band, athletics, the arts, and other things. But, what about the students whose passions lie outside of school activities?

There are many students at RHS whose interests take them far beyond the high school walls.

Laban Rodgers, junior, shared his interest in World War II reenactments. Rodgers stated that he “looked up online teams to join” to become involved.

According to, these teams do a variety of different things including but not limited to “participating in public events, such as parades & memorial ceremonies, visiting historical places like Camp Perry, the Air Force Museum, and The USS Cod, and becoming  familiar with historic military vehicles, including restoration, maintenance, and just getting to ride in them.”

Rodgers shared that his team “reenacts famous battles or [we] do our own battle during the Western, Eastern, Pacific and African theaters.”

Similarly, sophomore Lauren Uhl’s interest in soccer, a sport she has been playing since she was seven years old, has taken her beyond the boundaries of Ross.

Uhl is on a U17 soccer team for the club Cincinnati West.

“We practice 3 times a week, but on Mondays I go to goalie trainings. We also compete in league games and tournaments,” said Uhl

According to their website,, teams that have branched out of the club are successful and have been finalists, if not champions, in most of the tournaments they competed in last season.

In the same way that Uhl and Rodgers are passionate about their interests, Justin Baum, a freshman at RHS, shared an interest he became involved with through his family: showing sheep. Baum shared that his “dad did it as a kid,” which sparked his interest in the activity.

“I am in charge of shearing our sheep and I show them in the show ring,” Baum stated.

If your interests lie beyond RHS, no matter what they happen to be, there’s something out there for everybody. Whether you start young like Uhl, join through family interest like Baum, or take a leap of faith and search for what you’re interested in like Rodgers, get involved and don’t be ashamed to simply do what you love.