Baseball Dominates Through the Season


New Head Coach Ben Toerner talks to senior Keegan Nickoson and Junior Ethan Hall

The men’s Baseball team is closing the season with outstanding record of 19-4. They’re going into the playoffs as the two seed, they have scored a total of 174 runs in 23 games and went undefeated in the SWOC as your 2019 out right SWOC champs.

Also, the boys travel to Oak Hills on Tuesday to take on Cincinnati Hill Christian Academy (CHCA), the top seed in the OHSAA State Tournament. Earlier in the year, CHCA won 4-3.

I spoke with about the Rams baseball season.

When I asked what the best game of the season was. Junior, and SWOC player of the year, Ethan Hall stated, “The best game for this team was definitely the first time we played Edgewood at home. They threw their ace and we jumped on his fastball and put up some runs early.”

Hall continued with, “Having a new coach was both hard and easy. It was hard because we had to adjust to his style of coaching. He is a younger coach, Coach Toerner likes to have a little fun through competitions which is a slight difference from last year, but having fun helped us grow as a team because we also got to be competitive against each other. The adjustment was also easy because most of us have known Coach Toerner for a while and have even played for him before, so getting along with him was very easy to do.”

”If I could sum up the season I would say it was different… The atmosphere we played in was different. We had a lot of fun because there is a bunch of goofballs on the team but we also worked hard at the same time; it was a unique way to do things but we made it work.”

Ryan Merkle, junior second baseman and two-year starter for the Rams had a different answer when asked what the best game of the season was.

“I think our best game for the team was probably the win against Elder, they were a pretty good team and we did everything right against them, it was overall a good team win,” Merkle stated.

Merkle also praised their new head coach, “With Coach Toerner coming in I think it was a pretty easy adjustment for us, everyone was very familiar with him and we already had lots of experience and leaders.”

As the tournament comes to a close this summer, be sure to try and catch a game if you have not done so already. Baseball is a long sport that takes a lot of commitment and effort. These boys deserve it all. You can find more info on twitter just follow Ross Rams Baseball.