Race to Fix Earth’s Temperatures Heats Up



With an increase in clearing for cattle and an intense dry season, the Amazon Rainforest’s fires continue to fester.

248. The Amazon Rainforest has suffered through 248 days of burning (so far), and it’s not the last time a situation like this will occur. Human-induced climate change is causing the Earth to be on set for a course that will end in mass destruction. With this issue plaguing society, it’s time we take precautions to help the environment. 

With a new generation of students now being raised on the decaying Earth, awareness has increased, along with the demand for ways to help.

1. Some basic ways to assist the movement is to eliminate plastic water bottle usage. It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of water bottles in the United States never get recycled, according to The Water Project.

The limitations on water continue with the recommendation to shorten shower times, wash laundry in cold water, and turn the water off when brushing teeth. 

“Use less water. The United Nations recommends 50 liters per person a day and that’s for sanitization and drinking water. The average American uses 450 liters a day,” said Tracy Eads, an Instructor at Miami University’s Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science.

2. Along with water, food can also be better monitored. According to teenkidsnews.com, “The U.S. alone tosses something like 37 million tons annually.” 

To help reduce the carbon footprint of food, it is recommended to only buy what you will eat and to utilize other foods besides meat. 

“Meat requires way too much water and cows release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Chicken, fruits, and vegetables are much better,” said Eads.

3. Other precautions can be taken concerning items like clothing. For example, students can borrow their friends’ prom dresses or even start implementing the use of “up-cycling” clothes. This involves buying gently used clothing and then altering the piece to one’s own style.

4. Spreading the word is perhaps one of the easiest routes to lead to a healthier Earth.

“Write to your elected officials, talk about the environment with your friends, and form groups to talk about droughts, pollution, and floods, ” said Eads.

3650. That is now the number of days remaining to end the crisis existing in our air today. With so many ways to contribute, there are plenty of options available for everyone, including high school students. Be sure to implement at least some of them, even if it means cutting your shower time by a few minutes.