The Book Nook: Legend by Marie Lu


Emma Haun

Legend by Marie Lu sits at the top of a pile of unique books.

Legend, the much-hyped debut novel from Marie Lu, is so adrenaline fueled, compelling, and tear jerking that I could stand up and applaud. But what makes this book so stellar? 

It follows two teenagers, Day and June, on opposite sides of a dystopian regime. Day is the government’s most wanted criminal who steals money, medical supplies, and food. He gives a fraction of everything he steals to his family, who believes he’s dead, or to the poor living in the slum sectors of the Republic of America. June is the Republic’s gem, a prodigy who got a perfect score on the trial that everyone is required to take at the age of 10. When her older brother is murdered and all clues point to Day, June vows to get revenge. However, neither of them are prepared for what will happen and what secrets they’ll uncover when their paths cross.

The book is written in the first person, which plays to Lu’s advantage. She manages to legitimize that the story is being told by two 15-year-olds due to the authenticity of the way she wrote their thoughts, words, and actions; it’s nothing short of what a person that age would do. 

Freshman Emma Estridge shared her thoughts about the characters when she wrote, “…I remember that the characters of June and Day stuck with me. They were such well-crafted characters with such a good dynamic.”

Legend has plot twist after plot twist and I constantly found myself at the edge of my seat. The secrets uncovered and lies told made the book even more suspenseful. I am not the only person who thinks so, as shared some of the same thoughts. 

“This amazing book was a great read and kept me glued to my seat throughout. A captivating plot, the constant action, and suspense made this a book you wouldn’t just go and put away. I loved the tragic story of both the main characters and the circumstances that brought them together.” according to 

Freshman Riley Thomas shared some of the same insight and relayed how the book made her feel.

“I could not stop reading this book! I loved it so much, I have read it 3 times. From beginning to end I was intrigued, I wish there were more than 3 books! 10/10 recommend!” Thomas stated.

However, while the book has many magnificent aspects, there are some places where it seems to fall short. First and foremost, things seem to be a little too easy at times. While the characters often find themselves in dangerous situations, they always manage to get out of them relatively quickly and easily. Secondly, some of the characters are too stereotypical. While most of the characters are well written, it sometimes seems that a character serves a minuscule addition to the plot. 

Overall, this book is a remarkable read and it’s always nice to snuggle up with a book. If interested, you can purchase a physical copy of Legend at Barnes and Noble for $9.05 or on Amazon for $8.79, buy the audiobook from for $28.00, or borrow it from your nearest library.