Morning Madness


Tanner Meale

One entrance into both the Middle and High School can make the morning traffic congested.

Tanner Meale, Staff Writer and Advertising Manager

Imagine waking up for school on time, getting ready and leaving only for you to get to school and there’s a line of cars backed up for a mile. The worst part is that you end up being late because you have to wait for ten minutes in the line. That’s the problem Ross High School students are facing everyday.

Junior Tessa Gordley shared that the most frustrating part about the morning traffic is merging.“It is very difficult to merge when people don’t take turns and try and cut you off,” said Gordley.

“Lines get backed up crazy far and the traffic that isn’t even going to the school has a line that gets backed up more and more, nearing IGA. This line also blocks those who want to turn left out of the school parking lot.” said junior Nick Davis.`

In order to fix this traffic issue, students were asked to fill out a survey involving a possible solution. 37 people gave their feedback concerning the situation.

There has been a range of different suggestions from roundabouts to yield signs to traffic lights.

Davis said, “Roundabout? Something to keep everyone moving. Separate levels for regular traffic and those going to school?”

“More entrances down the grassy strip in the front of the school. Or at least one more designated for turning left into the school and then one designated for the oncoming traffic to turn right into the school,” said senior Marissa Clemow.

The survey also revealed that students believe that building a second entrance into the school near the front, by the current one, or back by the drop off zone would help as well.

With the first two weeks in the books, students are beginning to show up later to avoid the traffic, despite the risk of being tardy.

Both solutions will cost a lot of money but patience doesn’t. Either sit and wait for your turn or beat the traffic by getting to school earlier. Everyone knows what time it gets congested so for now it’s on you to make sure you’re not affected by the morning traffic.