Alice In Wonderland: Behind The Scenes


Jon Caspian

Alice In Wonderland’s cast members pose during a marketing photoshoot. These characters are specifically surrounding Alice to show the taunting tactics they give Alice throughout the show.

Chyanne Jackson, Staff Writer

RHS’s production of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll captivated the minds of audience members in its November play. But little did the audience know, behind that curtain every night, was a mixture of support, love, and chaos. 

Alice In Wonderland’s cast and crew blended together to make sure that the show was as ready as possible for opening night. Every week since Sept., cast, crew, and parents were working hard to get the stage ready, perfecting costumes, and practicing lines one more time before the big show. 

Senior Josh Inman and I worked very hard to memorize our lines. Any free time we had was spent going over them. It took me until the day of the show to be completely memorized. Memorizing for me was kind of like a rush. I really struggled for a while but once I found what worked for me and what helped me memorize better, it became a groove and suddenly I was getting my lines and cues faster and was more time-efficient. 

“For the script that we had, it was a lot of like particular words we had to get it right to get our point across. So if I didn’t have those or I adlibbed, it throws it off completely. It was one of those things where it had to be perfect memorization at most points. Which was definitely a struggle. .,” said Inman.  

Along with memorizing lines, a big part of getting ready for the show was costumes and getting into character. 

Play the White Rabbit, Inman said, “The White Rabbit is basically like a shady, proper person…. Honestly for the most part no…It was just kind of like a natural flow into my character for me.” 

The White Rabbit and Alice were acquaintances of sorts throughout the play so we had to bounce off of each other to get into our characters. Alice is a little kid, so I channeled my siblings. I had a voice that I used for her. By the end of the show, some of the cast and crew members said I may have turned into Alice because my voice would become so child-like.

Memorizing lines, getting the stage ready, and getting into character was not the only thing happening behind the scenes. Throughout the entire making of the show, everyone became close-knit and connected in one way. It was almost like we had a vibe going because everything was coming together nicely. 

Being a part of the RAM theatre project was one decision I will never regret. I made lots of friends and formed a family at school. I had never felt the love and support from friends as much as I did throughout the making of Alice In Wonderland

I would recommend joining the RAM theatre to any high school student. When stepping into theatre at RHS, you can expect a loving, non-judgemental, carefree and get away from life. 

If you are interested in joining, RAM Theatre Project is performing the musical Cinderella in May! If you want to join, contact RAM Theatre Director Ms. Ria Collins.