People of RHS: Who Are You Voting For?


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With 18 responses being counted as potential voters, eight of them plan to vote for Donald Trump (R) while the other ten plan to vote on the Democratic ticket

On Tuesday, March 17, Ohio will be holding its annual primary to decide the vote for the Democratic and Republican Parties’ nominees. 

According to a survey conducted with 18 eligible voters at RHS, eight of them plan to vote for incumbent Donald J. Trump (R) while the other ten preferred varying candidates in the Democratic Party. 

Though the candidate pool is expected to change as the presidential race heats up, the survey shows that some top Democratic candidates have already established a base at RHS, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joseph R. Biden Jr, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar. 

With many voters still remaining uncertain over whose name they will decide to mark next to on March 17, here is a list comprised of some of the top candidates chosen by RHS students and staff members (in alphabetical order): 

Former Vice President Joseph Biden (D):

  • Has run for president twice previously
  • Former Vice President under the Obama Administration from 2009-2017
  • Main stances: 
    • Restore America’s standing on the global stage
    • Expand medical care through the Affordable Care Act made under the Obama Administration
    • Wants to eliminate greenhouse gas usage to avoid climate change

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D):

  • Could be first openly gay president of the United States
  • War Veteran from the Afghanistan War
  • Main Stances:
    • Support black Americans through policies
    • Ban the use of semi-automatic rifles
    • Plans to protect individual workers

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D): 

  • First woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota
  • Has helped to pass legislation concerning human trafficking, the opioid epidemic, and drug prices
  • Main Stances:
    • Have the U.S. sign back onto the Paris climate agreement
    • Proposed plan to address substance abuse and mental health conditions plaguing the nation
    • Wants to expand Medicare and Medicaid

Senator Bernie Sanders (D): 

  • Longest-serving independent member of Congress in history of the United States
  • Was runner-up to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee in 2016
  • Main stances:
    • Medicare for All plan to establish a single-payer system
    • Cancel student debt loans for public colleges and trade schools
    • Raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour

President Donald Trump (R):

  • Current President of the United States
  • First president to be impeached and then run for re-election
  • Main Stances:
    • Plans to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to avoid illegal immigrants
    • Hopes to eliminate the national debt
    • Proposed merit-based immigration system

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D):

  • U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
  • Former law professor for more than 30 years
  • Main Stances: 
    • Plans to eliminate the cost for two and four-year colleges and to cancel student debt
    • Endorsed Medicare for All bill by Sanders
    • Wants to decriminalize crossing the U.S. border without authorization

With the information above being provided by CNN Politics and ABC News, the pool of candidates for the next President of the United States are diverse in their backgrounds and stances. 

Though the options are expected to narrow down as more primaries and caucuses are conducted, this does not mean that it is too late to pick the candidate you want to represent you during the upcoming election. 

For more information on these candidates and others running, the New York Times, CNN Politics, and ABC News offer additional in-depth details to make this election the easiest to vote for yet.