Trying New Things During Quarantine



Skateboarding is a great example of a fun new activity to learn.

To some, it may feel like this year has fallen apart, however if you were to look on the bright side this could be a good time to try the things or hobbies that you’ve been putting off time and time again. There’s no excuse now. 

This entire year has turned completely upside down. No one ever thought our school year would become the way it has with classes and assignments online. Masks and gloves have become the new necessary fashion accessory. Restaurants and shops have closed, including schools. 

Junior Lauren Uhl shared that she has started to accomplish a new hobbie during the Stay-at_Home order. 

“I have started to skateboard during quarantine to try to learn a new skill. It’s very fun to learn with friends and to just cruise around. Ive been wanting to skateboard for awhile now but my parents always thought it was stupid and childish, because I had a car,” stated Uhl. “When quarantine started I knew I was going to have a lot of time on my hands, so I bought a skateboard. I’m going to try my hardest to get better and better everyday. I definitely encourage others to try something new and learn a new skill,” continued Uhl. 

When answering an online survey junior Benjamin Spears stated that he has taken up several new activities. 

“Gardening just forces me to go outside, the sleeping and coffee provide a calming routine to every morning and night. And the action movies fill in the time I have left between school and sleep,” Spears said. 

Spears also included how he learned these new activities. 

“YouTube is a(n) incredible place to learn lots of stuff, so is Google,” said Spears.

As for me I have started to learn how to longboard and take care of real plants. During this time off I have moved into the basement so a lot of my time has become decorating my new room and organizing it as well. 

Everyone that I have interviewed or surveyed has shared that they encourage others to take this time off to learn the things they have been wanting to learn. If you have the time, then do it. Anyone can see that this time is very scary and new. It has never been seen in our generation, but you have to find the good in everything. Start on that book you’ve always wanted to write or run everyday, maybe even reorganize your entire room.