Homecoming Renovations


Ashley Caudill

Brain Martin’s message to the RHS student body regarding Homecoming.

Due to the conditions that the county health officials have set, the plans for Homecoming 2020 have been modified. Earlier this month Mr. Martin sent a message to the student body to notify everyone on the changes that would be made to the Homecoming week schedule, as well as the dance itself.  

Of all the major changes that COVID-19 has impacted at RHS, the Homecoming Dance has taken one of the biggest hits. Instead of the previous scheduled date, the dance will now take place on Feb. 6 2021 and will be called a “Winter Homecoming”. The school has issued a proposal for the dance to still take place on the new date, however with attendees adorning masks and following social distancing guidelines. The county health officials have yet to approve of the proposal. 

The Homecoming Week was pushed back by one week, and will now be on the week of Sept. 28. The week will consist of games and activities between each grade, as well as the traditional hallway decorations by each grade. Spirit week will still continue as normal with each day being a new theme for the students to follow. 

The Homecoming parade has yet to be approved by the county health officials. However, the parade was also mentioned in the proposal made to the county health officials, stating that attendees will be required to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Lastly, the week will finish off with the Homecoming football game on Oct. 2 where a Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned during halftime. 

Sophomore Justin Hinkle shared his thoughts on the modifications saying, “I agree with the dance being moved to February, but I really think we should still have the parade, with masks and social distancing etc.”

Sophomore Anna Tabar shared similar thoughts saying,“I [feel a] little disappointed about the dance being pushed back that far, but I definitely understand why and I think we should prioritize safety. As for the actual week, it’s not postponed that far away so I don’t have too many complaints.

However, some students are feeling eased with the new changes. 

An anonymous Freshman said, “I feel safer and like the school is putting a priority on my life rather than the fun of homecoming.” 

With all the changes being made and different opinions rising about them, we can all agree that RHS has and will continue to hold the students and staff’s health and safety as a priority and will do their best to make this year as memorable as possible.