Change is a Good Thing


Gracie Elliott

Students enjoying their lunch while still following the guidelines of socially distancing.

Everything we know has been flipped upside down and inside out the past 6 months. All we ever hear of is how different things are now; how nothing is the same as before. Many people see this as a bad thing, however, I think change is good. 

Even though it seems like during this time people are focusing on the negative, there are still so many uplifting things that have happened as a result. For instance, people are becoming closer to family and friends. 

Freshman A.J. McEldowney spoke of his own personal experience with this saying, “Meeting new friends growing as a person growing in my religion growing in all areas of my life…. if I could go back and change it I don’t think I would.”

Although there are many people likeMcEldowney and myself, who have taken this situation as an opportunity to reconnect with people and strengthen our relationships, studies show that quarantine has had a significant effect on our generation’s mental health. 

“In a recent study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin, 68% of the 3,243 high school student-athletes surveyed reported symptoms of anxiety and depression, an uptick of about 37% from past, pre-pandemic studies,” stated Stephen Chen a writer for the American Psychiatric Association. 

However, despite the overwhelming feeling of our emotions, this has also helped us to better understand one another. 

The support for front line workers has been at an all-time high. Not only do you see appreciation posts on social media, but there are also banners and flags posted in people’s yards as well. 

Not to mention, we realized that not everything is given which in return has made us more grateful for the things that we do have. 

Modern Heath’s PR Director Susie Bindman said, “Despite the increase in stress, the study reveals 75 percent report feeling more grateful for their health, relationships, and life that they’ve built – an upward trend seen across all ages and ethnicities.”

Additionally, we have also become more tech-savvy. Both students and teachers have had to adapt to online learning which brought some obstacles, but also a lot of knowledge.

Overall, quarantine did have its downfalls- and many of them at that, but I choose to believe that in this situation the good outweighs the bad.