Making the Most of the Season

Athletes at RHS have had to compromise their season and possibly not even playing their sport due to COVID-19. 

Specifically for RHS football players, it started off as a tough season. Players felt defeated about the possibility of not playing and losing time with their teammates.

Senior at RHS, stated that “A lot of us were really just thinking about not playing. If it was going to get canceled, what was the point?” 

The usual excitement that comes with starting a new season was uncomparable to other seasons, due to having separated practices and not being able to have everyone together in the beginning of the season, many players were feeling down. 

Coach Commins was starting to get worried about his team and wanted to know what was going on with the boys, not only so he could be prepared, but to assure they were okay as well. 

“I believe that we pride ourselves on relationships with the kids. We want to get to know them and value them and know them as players and people.” stated Commins. 

So Commins took matters into his own hands and called a virtual meeting. 

“I pulled all the seniors aside, virtually, because I felt the environment was just off… After talking with them for a while I realized it was because of the unsureness of this season and the players just not knowing if they get to play.”  said Coach Kenyon Commins.

After this meeting with the seniors, Coach Commins had a better understanding of what was going on behind the scenes and he wanted to make it better for the players.

Eventually RHS had their first win on August 28th, against Badin Highschool. 

“It was definitely weird. The officials can’t touch the ball and it was just an odd way of doing things. But we get to play.”  said Commins. 

After the first game, the season started things started looking more positive for the RHS football players. 

As of now, according to RHS Athletics twitter account  the teams records are spiking up and the players are eager to continue the season

“It’s not just about playing the game, it’s the rush the kids get from it. It’s also the relationships we gain from being with the kids and just being a team.” said Commins.

COVID isn’t going to stop the team from working hard and having fun. Come see them play this Friday, October 2,  at 7 vs. Mt.Healthy.