A Different Transition Into Our School Year


Here is some journalism staff posing with one of our new polices. Masks!

The 2020-2021 School year has started off different for everyone. From the new COVID-19 restrictions, school and life in general. But RHS students and staff have made it to where hopefully everyone can transition smoothly. 

 Some of the changes being made to our school include differing changes to schedules, earlier start times, and the mask mandate. 

An anonymous RHS sophomore said, “I don’t prefer the masks but, I know we need them to keep us safe. I’d rather be able to come to school and wear a mask, then not being able to come at all.” 

Everyone has differing opinions, however we can all agree that they are an extra precaution that’s purpose is to keep us safe. 

Masks aren’t the only thing that has changed this school year. The way we learn has changed. Due to COVID-19 we can’t partner with our friends or work in groups anymore. But with that being said, students understand and are willingly following the rules without giving backlash. 

An anonymous RHS student said, “The only thing that has actually been bothering me is not being able to partner with friends, just because I work better in groups. But I understand why and I just have to learn how to work by myself more…. The rules are new, but completely understandable. I understand why we have to do these things and I’m not going to fight about it.” 

The time students get to school have changed as well. This year RHS students start at 7:10am, then bus riders leave at 1:50 pm and the rest of the student proceed to leave at 2:00 pm. 

Freshman Reece Doherty, “I have woken up late a few times. It’s been a problem but I think I am finally getting used to the new schedule since we are a few weeks into the semester.” 

Some other changes include juniors and seniors being able to have late arrival or early dismissal, only having RAM bell once every other week, and after school activities being cut down. 

RHS students may not like all the changes to the 2020-2021 school year, but at least we know it’s not for nothing. It may be hard at first, but keeping our heads up until things can get back to normal is essential. Students and staff have all done a great job so far. Let’s continue and make it a good school year.