Photo taken by Amanda Robertson

After Halloween most people only think about Christmas. But they are skipping a very important holiday. Thanksgiving is a time where we gather as families and friends and enjoy a nice warm meal and give thanks to the things we are most grateful for. Most of the time turkey is the main dish. Some people go hunting for their turkey’s, however most go buy their turkey’s from the store. But have you ever wondered where the frozen Turkeys from Walmart come from?

Turkey farmers have to make sure the turkeys are well fed, well watered, and taken care of. In order to sell to a market the farmers have to make sure their turkeys weigh a certain amount. Turkey farming can also be extremely stressful. 

This year due to Covid, a lot of turkey farmers are struggling and rushing to get them out, and most customers this year want smaller turkeys due to not having huge family gatherings because of the coronavirus.

According to Modern Farmer,Alabama turkey farmer Jesse Murphy says he’s currently 60 percent behind his turkey sales compared to the same time last year. And every single customer who has put in orders so far has requested a smaller turkey.”

Even though when you hear Thanksgiving you think of a turkey, thanksgiving is also about giving thanks. 2020 has been a year full of struggles for most of the world. We started off normally, then we discovered the COVID-19, wildfires had spread across the world, murder hornets were on the loose, we’ve had protests and riots, and so many horrbile things have happened since. But we also need to think about the good things that have happened. This Thanksgiving should be a time where we share our good memories of 2020, and tell others what we are thankful for.

Senior Vivian Gettle stated that, “I am thankful that I have grown as a person despite all the hardships this year has brought everyone, and I have fought through it. I’m glad that though all the hardships and sorrow of 2020 brought me, I managed to make it through and find myself.”

Overall, this year hasn’t been so decent.Turkey farmers are stressing about the possibility of not being able to sell their turkeys, and because of this some farmers won’t be able to feed and take care of their families. So spend this Thanksgiving however you may please, but make sure to remember the hard work that farmers spent to ensure that the delicious Thanksgiving food ended up on your table. And most of all, we survived round 1 of Jumanji 2020.