Mystery Monoliths

The Utah monolith standing tall in the desert.

The Utah monolith standing tall in the desert.

An almost ten foot metallic monolith has been on the move, appearing strangely out of nowhere and disappearing shortly after. The tall tower-like structures were spotted in different places like Utah, Romania, California, and Pittsburgh. This leaves the captivating question- Who is responsible for the mysterious silver beasts?

The monolith’s first appearance was in a Utah desert where it stood for ten days before park authorities reported that the structure had disappeared. A small triangle shaped mirror surrounded by many rocks took its place. A photographer who traveled six hours to see the structure claimed he saw four men dismantle the monolith. He claimed that they seemed to have a sense of purpose and overheard one man say, “This is why you don’t leave trash in the desert.”

The second monolith appeared in Romania soon after and the city didn’t seem to be upset due to the fact that the structure was pouring in tourists. 

The third to appear was in Atascadero, California on a mountain top. Three Californian men told Insider that they planted the third monolith hoping to create a “2001: A Space Odyssey” situation where the movie features three similar monoliths. 

However after the California monolith had disappeared, a group of four artists and fabricators gave hints on social media that they were behind the mystery also. 

The Most Famous Artist, and group member Matty Mo, took to social media to place hints that he and the other members of the artist group may be the ones behind some of the mystery monoliths appearing around the world. The group posted a photo on Instagram of one of the monoliths being wheeled out of a warehouse. They have now sold three of the monoliths for $45,000 each. Since, the group has indirectly taken responsibility for the first monolith through interviews and Instagram. 

On the other hand, there were some monoliths that were not in relation to the artist group and were not a mystery at all. 

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania commissioned an artist to create an identical monolith to the others to place outside of his store. The candy store shared on Facebook that their motive was to attract business and that they hoped “this provided a little comic relief during such a difficult time”

There have been more sightings of these monoliths throughout the world, marking several to date. With new information surfacing each day, the more strange and confusing the mystery gets. However, the mystery may not be solved just yet as we don’t know who is all involved or assisting to the mystery. And we may never know.