Ending the Year With Christmas Cheer

You can see the praise team in action at any of these services held at Ross High School on Christmas Eve.

Gracie Elliott

You can see the praise team in action at any of these services held at Ross High School on Christmas Eve.

Joy. Something we could all use a little more of, especially this particular Christmas season. 

The White Oak Christian Church praise team, otherwise known as the Cheer Meisters, are doing their part to spread the message of hope this holiday season.

The praise team is a group of students who volunteered to represent their peers on Christmas Eve by performing a song on stage during the church services. The performance will include the kids leading the audience in a choreographed dance with a couple of surprises thrown in. 

At White Oak Christian Church (WOCC), it is tradition to have all of the students ages 3-12 perform a song on stage during the Christmas Eve service. However, due to the COVID restrictions, that was not feasible this year. 

The team is led by high school juniors; Savannah Smith, Liz Guckiean, Hope Davis, Olivia Haubel, and Gracie Elliott. The members are; Maddi Sheets, Samantha and Tucker Elliott, Jon and Owen Hudson, Noah Combs, and Winnie Ziepfel. 

When asked about her favorite part of helping with the praise team, leader Savannah Smith stated, “Being able to be around the kids and watching them have so much fun. It’s great to know we can give them something fun to look forward to during these times.”

The song the kids will be dancing to is called “Joy to the World (Glory to the King)”. It is a remix of the song “Joy to the World” with a little more of a modern and upbeat twist to it. 

Throughout the past couple of weeks, these students have been working painstakingly on this song. Not only have they been able to memorize the choreography but they are also working on their own little solos during the performance. 

The group plans on wearing matching custom-made shirts during the performance as well as Christmas themed socks and accessories. 

If you want to see the Cheer Meisters in action join us at Ross High School at any of the Christmas Eve services: 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm, or 5:00.