Top 5 Love Songs


Gracie Elliott

Two teenagers struggling with a long distance relationship are brought comfort by listening to the same music.

Love. Four letters, one syllable, and a multitude of definitions, despite the differing interpretations and opinions of this word, one thing binds them together: music. Music is unbiased as to who you love, how you love, why you love, or where you love. More than anything, it captivates the ineffable feelings that we experience when true love is present. 

The following songs are just a few of those that do a wonderful job of describing love. Each of these songs shares a different aspect of this immense topic and portrays love in their own unique way. 

“When a Man Loves a Woman” – Percy Sledge 

This song does a good job of showing the inner thoughts of a man. This song keeps the purity of a sincere old-timey love. Through the instrumentals and soulful voice of Percy Sledge, we are able to understand just a small portion of what goes through a man’s mind while he’s admiring his woman. The lyrics, “He can do her no wrong, He can never hug some other girl,” are just one example of the honesty that is shown. This song is a great addition to any wedding playlist or even just a Sunday drive with your honey. 

“Love Someone” – Lukas Graham

Most love songs of this era typically focus on the physical portion of a relationship and are centered on what the other person can do for them. Lukas Graham’s “Love Someone” is the exact opposite of that. This song speaks of the genuine vulnerability that you experience when you wholeheartedly care for someone. Our generation has been raised to believe that needing someone is a weakness. Graham points out, “when you love someone and you’re not afraid to lose them, you probably never loved someone like I do.” This song does a phenomenal job of shining a light on the risks we take while being in a relationship. 

“Die a Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett

This song is a great choice when you are slow dancing in the kitchen at 2:00 in the morning with your significant other. Something about the simplicity of the instruments just speaks to your soul. The classic country tune helps to enhance the words as well. Not only do the lyrics depict a man who is fully submitting himself to his lady, but it also creates a beautiful picture of selfless love. Junior Devin Jasen agrees. 

Jasen stated, “the words are so meaningful.” 

This song is great for anyone who is struggling with how to express their feelings to their beloved. Just click play and hold them close, it should do the trick. 

“God Bless the Broken Road” – Rascal Flatts

As humans, we tend to pair the terms ‘broken’ and ‘ugly’, but we fail to see the beauty within the broken. This song shows us that heartbreak is inevitable, but these failures will eventually lead you to the one you’re meant to share your life with. The lyrics, “others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars, pointing me on my way to your loving arms,” state exactly that. Although it might be rough in the moment when you finally find your person you will understand why every other relationship didn’t work out. As Rascal Flatts says, “God bless the broken road, that lead me straight, to you.” 

“Best of You” – Elle King + Andy Grammer

Of all the love songs ever created this one does the most spectacular job of being realistic. Many times we like to play highlight reels of our love stories. However, Andy Grammar and Elle King took a different route, expressing that everyone has flaws, but to love is to see good past the bad. The lyrics “I’ve seen all your seasons, your cold Februarys, I know you’ll be bloomin’, In a matter of time,” are a direct example of that. Sophomore Carly Strahm shared her thoughts. 

“It makes me think that even though someone does something horrible they can still be forgiven and loved,” stated Strahm. 

The upbeat vibes and amazing voices are a good choice for any slow Friday date night. Whether you choose to go full-blown karaoke or break out the dance moves, this will surely boost the mood. 

“I Was Made for Loving You” – Tori Kelly + Ed Sheeran 

This song completely depicts the indescribable feelings that arise when you realize you love someone. As teenagers we tend to just live in the moment, we don’t worry about what may lie ahead of us, we just hold on to the promise that we make to each other. Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran do a fantastic job of portraying this type of adolescent intimacy. Through the smooth vocals of Kelly and the soft words of Sheeran, we are able to really feel the passion. 

All of these songs are accessible on YouTube, iTunes, and Apple Music, cost varies.