Self Confidence is the New Tomorrow


“She is so much prettier than me.” “She looks way better in that skirt than I do.” “I wish I could do my hair like her.” “Her swimsuit is so cute but I could never wear something like that.” “I wish I had that much confidence.”

In a survey sent out to the RHS student body, 20 teenage girls out of 22 all said that they deal with and struggle with self confidence and insecurities. The information gathered showed that the teenage girls were all being greatly impacted by social media as their greatest threat and worst influence. The thoughts that go through your mind when you are scrolling through social media can hurt you more than you may think. They don’t always have to be true though. Sure you might not wear the same size as her but that doesn’t mean you aren’t equally as beautiful in your own way. When we scroll through social media the first things that pop up in our head are negative thoughts because we also want to be better looking or the same as someone else but why aren’t we trying to be us. We always compare ourselves to others on social media when really we should put the real us out there. 

Freshman Ella Mohr stated, “Seeing supermodels and such while scrolling through Instagram leads to comparison. Celebrities can pay for this work to be done and then say that they never did, so I feel like in teen girls it rates a standard of “natural beauty” that when comparing many feel they don’t reach it. It’s really important you understand that social media is just like a highlight reel and so much of what is seen on it is fake.”

A common challenge with social media is that it can alter the way we view others. Especially when it comes to people who pretend to have confidence they might try to hide behind social media. Even though that may not be a bad thing it could lead others to want to be more like them and then more and more people are hiding behind their insecurities and are losing their self confidence under the impression that they are gaining it. 

Ross High School Counselor Angie Raby stated, “Social media adds a whole different pressure to it. Even kids who present as overly confident sometimes that is just a way to hide feeling insecure, and I don’t think everyone talks about it. I would say one hundred percent of kids have something they have that they aren’t feeling good about or wish was different about themselves.” 

Having self confidence can change your perspective on life. Everyone deals with not having confidence or maybe even having too much but having it can be very important. The power of believing in yourself and knowing your worth will make you a happier person. It can even change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself. 

Sophomore Amanda Meyer stated, “…tell yourself you’re beautiful every morning in the mirror. It sounds dumb, but I’ve been trying it for the past few weeks and I feel as though it slightly helps.”

Trying to positively impact others can help you build yourself up and it can help others feel good about themselves as well. Complimenting others and trying to boost the confidence of the people around you can always make someone’s day and make their confidence stronger. 

“I tell them they are perfect the way they are, which is absolutely true. It’s ironic that I happen to not believe that about myself though,” stated an anonymous student. 

Being insecure and lacking self confidence is sadly something that many teen girls experience. Since so many teen girls go through these issues, there are many tips that can help. Taking a break from social media is honestly one of the best things you can do to gain confidence. Social media is a site for comparing, negative thoughts, and insecurities. Use your words to help others because saying things to others that you want to hear can boost self confidence for both of you. Always try to replace and block out your negative and untrue thoughts with true and positive ones because not everything you think is accurate. 

“Leave your comfort zone every once in a while. Soon you’ll be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” stated Sophomore Amy Brandenburg. 

Self confidence is the new tomorrow, so don’t hold back from being who you truly are and take the step you need. Self confidence can be gained again. Don’t let anything stop you from being who you are.