There’s More Than Just College

if you were to become a mechanic this would end up being your daily view.


if you were to become a mechanic this would end up being your daily view.

If you’re a senior graduating this year, I bet you know the pressure of making a decision that will determine the next years of your life. It’s scary to not have a plan for after high school, but did you know there are other options beyond college? Alternative options are less talked about but may be the answer for you.

Going to trade school is one alternative. Trades consist of jobs such as construction, mechanic, electrician, etc. “Trade careers give you practical and useful skills, incur less student loan debt, and allow you to earn experience and an education. Plus, trades are always in demand,” stated Kaempf and Harris Sheet Metal. 

As mentioned, trade schools cost much less than college so you will have much less student debt which can be a problem for some people after schooling. Another plus to trade school is you can learn useful skills and how to work on things and fix them.

The great thing about trade jobs is that they are always needed and are always in demand. Therefore finding a job after going to trade school will be easy. One thing that deter people from trade jobs is they think that they won’t make enough money. 

Kaempf and Harris Sheet Metal also said “According to U.S. News & World Report, entry-level sheet metal workers made an average of $52,100 annually in 2017. A master tradesperson is able to demand even better pay.”

After going to a trade school you’re also more likely to get a job right after school rather than have to search around and hope. With some schools you actually might have an internship or apprenticeship with a company and go from there. 

If you are interested in going into a trade, some schools you could look into are Diamond Oaks, Scarlet Oaks and many more which come at a much lower cost than a four year college. Some other options rather than trade school and college include the military, be a volunteer, and possibly take a gap year. You can also go see the guidance counselors and ask if they could help point you in the right direction.