Opinion: Hopes For a Normal Senior Year



An unknown senior shows off her cap, gown, and masks during her graduation.

The class of 2020 and the class of 2021 are never going to forget their senior year. Senior year should be about having fun and making memories with your friends for your last year in high school but because of COVID-19, that has not been the case for many seniors.


The class of 2022 has hope for a better senior year next year. A normal homecoming, prom, and graduation are three main things that would help with just that. 2020 seniors who missed out on all of that will have to remember not having those things for the rest of their lives. 


In an article on theconversation.com, author Allyson Harrison states, “Not only are they missing things such as proms or a graduation ceremony, but they’re also missing other potentially life-altering events: the track and field championship for which they’d worked hard all year just so they could compete”


One big thing that would be great to not have next year is masks. Wearing masks everywhere you go, and not seeing people’s full faces is just a weird thing that everyone has had to adapt to this past year. By the time next school year comes, students hope to not wear them. Just that one thing would make senior year a lot better.


I believe another thing that would make senior year for the class of 2022 better than these past two years is having a normal homecoming and prom. After missing out on homecoming this year, many students were upset, especially seniors knowing that it was their last one. Homecoming week is usually the most fun week of every year for high school students because of the parade, the football game, and the dance. By the time next year comes around, hopefully everyone is able to enjoy that week again. On top of Homecoming, seniors last year did not get a Prom and seniors this year are going to have a very different prom than normal. In 2022, it’d be nice to have a prom that does not require social distancing and masks.


One other big thing that seniors of the past two years have missed out on is fans at athletic events. By next school year, the class of 2022 hopes to finally be able to attend events again and cheer on their friends. 


Junior, Richie Jackson said, “The biggest thing that I would like to see back to normal next year is student sections.”


All in all, the class of 2022 has hopes for a better senior year than the past 2 classes have had. Senior year is supposed to be the most memorable year of high school but because of COVID-19, seniors will remember their last year of high school in a different way.