Yearly ConZart Performance Takes Place at RHS


Savannah Jarvis

The Ross Band of Class performs one last time.

Ross High School’s annual ConZart event took place on May 13th. The night’s activities were a bit different than years before. 


The night began with the choir in the PAC, and ended with the band playing in the gymnasium. This was one of the many changes that took place due to the uniqueness of the school year.


In years past, both the choir and band would play in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). However, this year’s concert had to move the band to the gymnasium due to its size. 


According to senior and band president Leeanne Krabbe, “The biggest difference was we had to switch venues a couple times (the choir started in the PAC, then the concert band was in the gym, then we went back to the PAC for jazz band).” 


This venue switch was definitely strange. The acoustics in the gymnasium as compared to the PAC were very different and it was feared that this could lead the band to fall apart. 


Robert Berting, junior, stated, “I don’t remember a ton about other years, but it was definitely a new experience playing in the gym with the band and having a new obstacle to conquer when it came to staying together. I think it was really cool and definitely an accomplishment that we pulled it off”


The band did not fall apart, and ended up staying together for all of their songs.


Krabbe also stated, “ I had expected this to be difficult, especially for parents/family who had students in both groups, but it turned out to create a nice intermission and an interesting change in scenery.”


All went according to plan, regardless of the change. Another big difference between this year and years past was the lack of a show choir performance.


Krabbe stated, “Obviously there were some things we didn’t get to do that we’ve done other years, such as performing with the show choir, but it was still a lot of fun.” 

Justin Jarvis, father of two Ross High School students, states “It seemed to be more upbeat and expressive to me, despite being different than other years. The selection of the music seemed more wide range than years past.”


The art students had their pieces included in the show as well, allowing parents and friends to view their work. 


Overall, this night was a big success, and proved that with lots of work, practice, and determination, great things can come from strange situations. While COVID-19 definitely changed lots about tradition in RHS, students pushed through at ConZart to make it just as special as years prior.