Maroon Mocha Reopens With Hopes For Another Successful Year


Alexa Gibbons

Students gather at the Maroon Mocha before school to get their morning coffee.

Though the past few years have posed many challenges for this small business, Ross High School students continue to persevere as they planned to reopen former coffee bar, the Maroon Mocha on the morning of Sept. 13, 2021.

For those students who are unsure of what the ‘Maroon Mocha’ is, you may find that it holds the solution to several of your problems. The Maroon Mocha was founded from the perspective of students who frequently race the clock in order to make it to school on time with all of their necessities in hand. Many students do not have the time nor the ability to eat breakfast in the morning before school begins. The coffee bar was opened as a pathway to help solve this problem within RHS’ student body.

Senior Alayna Meade stated, “Because of these issues that the students saw in our school, they decided to take action by meeting with the food service staff and administration. They formed the Maroon Mocha, where students can find their breakfast or coffee shop drinks in the morning, eliminating the root to both of these issues.”

The individuals who sought out the problem they were seeing within their own school, saw this as an opportunity to give back to our community as well.

Junior Gus Lavalle stated, “We are very grateful for the volunteer base that has allowed the coffee bar to be so successful. One of our main goals is to get more people involved and more volunteers. With more volunteers, we are able to expand our partnerships and participation with other Ross events, thus furthering our ability to serve and help others. The overarching mission of it all is to address and help those in our community that suffer from food insecurity. The success of the Maroon Mocha promotes our overall mission.”

Due to the support of RHS students present and prior, the coffee bar has been able to sell over 3500 drinks since 2018. With a large menu variety, countless students have come to find their new favorite drink as well as tried many others. The Maroon Mocha is also best known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate, which is one of the many customizable options on the menu.

Lavalle stated, “Another successful year for the coffee bar would require a dedicated array of students who enjoy helping others while having some fun in the process. Additionally, our success depends upon getting the word out about the coffee bar, and the positive influence it can provide. This is why JEE Foods is so appreciative of this article and the efforts of the Ross Times to help us get the word out.”

Four years ago, the Maroon Mocha was opened as an opportunity to partner with local nonprofit, JEE Foods by selling coffee and other refreshments to students early in the morning before school time. As their menu has expanded, so has their team. If you are looking for a good way to get involved, or need volunteering hours, contact Alayna Meade at [email protected] or gl[email protected], and make sure to visit the coffee bar soon!