The Importance of Family During the Holidays


Holidays like Christmas are an opportunity to spend time with your family. However, we often take our family time for granted and only realize that it is a privilege when we aren’t able to be with them anymore. 

Having family around during Christmas can mean a lot, but to most we just see it as an every year thing. We should think of our family like they are one of the most important things in our life, but most of us see our family as a holiday sighting. You only get one family, and once you lose them you can’t get them back. Holidays are a prime example of a hard time to be without family.

RHS Chemistry teacher Meg Cottingham stated, ”I think we all take for granted that our family will alway be there. You know life changes and you can’t just assume they will always be there, that it will be the same as last year. Not that some years it is but I think the biggest thing I take for granted a lot of the time is that you’re always gonna see others and things change.”

When you are robbed of the chance to see your family during the holidays because of things like travel restrictions, covid, illness, and household problems, this can lead to making you think about the things you have taken for granted when you were with your family. For example how much you would rather spend Christmas or the holidays with your family. Even though in the past you may have wished or wanted to not be with your family during the holidays because of stress or certain people. 

RHS English teacher Maria Keller stated, “I think the biggest thing people take for granted is the ability of everyone to gather. I’m very aware of the fact that my grandparents are all healthy and able to travel, and I’m really not looking forward to when that isn’t the case.

Knowing the importance of your family is something that we all tend to find once we take a step back, lose someone, or miss certain family gatherings and start missing your family more. The worth of your family will always be huge because you only get one, but knowing the importance of your family is something that is very valuable. When you know the importance of your family, that is when your family truly starts to have a heavier weight on your heart because you can feel their importance and significance and you start to miss them more at certain times and you know that one day you won’t see them anymore because they will be gone. 

Junior Hannah Cupp stated, “The worst part about being separated from family is not being able to hear their voice or laugh or see their smile on their face.”

This next holiday or Christmas gathering when you see your family I encourage you to let your family know how much you love them. Learning to appreciate the value and importance of your family can change someone’s perspective for the better. I know that it sounds cheesy, but telling someone that they have a place in your heart, are loved, and missed by you can make them feel worthy and closer as a family.