Movie review: Don’t Look Up


Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio take a plane to warn the public of an eminent danger.

Don’t Look Up was released December 5, 2021 exclusively on Netflix. The film, written and directed by Adam McKay, is a metaphor for climate change. It tells the story of two astronomers who discover a comet hurtling toward earth. Despite the two main characters’ efforts, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, the people none the wiser, are too busy fighting and obsessing over poll results to do anything about the apparent doomsday.

freshman Sara Frost commented on DiCaprio’s performance and the film as a whole.

Frost stated, “I didn’t like the movie. Because Leonardo DiCaprio was in the movie I had somewhat high expectations. I mean, Titanic and Romeo & Juliet are just two of MANY of his amazing movies. However, the ending of Don’t Look Up was awful.”

Writer David Fear wrote a review of Don’t Look Up for the Rolling Stone. The review mainly focuses on the pointlessness of the film, mainly the “it’s too grim to be funny” tone.

Fear states, “Don’t Look Up is a blunt instrument in lieu of a sharp razor, and while McKay may believe that we’re long past subtlety, it doesn’t mean that one man’s wake-up-sheeple howl into the abyss is funny, or insightful, or even watchable. It’s a disaster movie in more ways than one. Should you indeed look up, you may be surprised to find one A-list bomb of a movie, all inchoate rage and flailing limbs, falling right on top of you.”

Fear writes about how the film hits it’s audience over the head with Lawrence and DiCaprio’s characters screaming about the impending doom with little response. Fear goes on to state that even with an all star cast including the legendary Meryl Streep, the film still is devoid of the comedy McKay is known for and that people were expecting.

Having sat down and watched the movie myself I must admit, it was rather disappointing. While the performances were good the script itself was lackluster making scenes drag on and untimely bore audiences. It won’t be spoiled, but the ending leaves something to be desired, basically overturning the film’s central theme. Unfortunately Don’t Look up didn’t live up to its hype but a better movie night film would be Mackays Vice.