Book Nook: The Fault in Our Stars


Gus and Hazel share a sweet moment on Gus’ couch trading books.

Do you ever feel that sometimes you’ve met the right person at the wrong time? Well, John Green knows that feeling. Green published his famous novel The Fault in Our Stars in January of 2012. Since publishing, it has won multiple awards and received many praises.


The Fault in Our Stars is told from the view of Hazel Lancaster, a 16 year old college student with lung cancer. Hazel, feeling depressed and bored with life, meets 17 year old cancer survivor Augustus “Gus” Waters at a cancer support group. The two hit it off and soon fall in love with each other. After realizing his love for Hazel, Gus discovers his cancer is returning and spreading quickly. Due to this, he urges Hazel to go on an adventure with him.


They have a great time together and return home to Indiana. Shortly after their return, Hazel finds out about Gus’ cancer. She becomes worried but is reassured that Gus will be treated and cared for. Weeks later we find out Gus’ situation takes a turn. That is where the story becomes a mess of thoughts and emotions.


This book is an emotional rollercoaster filled with many ups and downs. Even after reading through it I still feel shaken up. Brittney Seiler, a book enthusiast, stated  ”So the fault in our stars was hands down one of the best stories ever!” 


This book has so much beauty and meaning wrapped in something so sad and heartbreaking. I think everyone should read this book and understand what it’s like to not take everyday things for granted.


Ariam Sauerland, a student at Ross High School commented “I love the unearthly vibe this gives. That and I like how she (Hazel) is committed to him (Gus).”


Those feelings are exactly what makes The Fault in Our Stars such a good book. This book is a breath of fresh air for anyone that reads it and I think that’s exactly what we need. That’s why I believe The Fault in Our Stars is an excellent piece of work.