Prom Fashion Night


Students put their stunning dresses and suits on display during a group dance at the prom fashion show.

On February 18th, the Ross High School prom fashion show took place in the auditorium presented by the Butler Tech Ross DECA. This event was an opportunity for anyone to come and watch as a select few of their peers showed off their ravishing prom getups. 

The models made the night one to remember with their well-performed and thought-out dances. The girls’ dresses varied from deep vibrant reds, blues, and blacks to sparkling pale pinks and yellows while being matched by the guys’ sharp suits. They rocked every single outfit and left the stage with style.

There were outstanding acts that made the show feel complete, ranging from baton throwing with Rachel Frey, to music from the Ross Drumline and Jazz Band. Between each arrangement from the models, there were acts that added to the excitement. The first act featured Carmen Kugler’s fireball solo and Sarah Contreara’s singing of “Killing Me Softly.” 

Many students in the show participated in the main dancing and dress-up segment. They put on a wonderful show revealing some of the trendiest and most chic dresses and tuxes for this year’s upcoming prom. 

Senior Rachel Frey stated, “Being backstage and getting ready with everyone was the best part of the night. The group of people was amazing and it was a lot of fun getting to do the show with them.”

Those who participated put much of their time and effort into the preparation and practice.​​ The dresses were from Bridal and Formal and the tuxedos from Men’s Wearhouse, and Butler Tech Cosmetology did the models’ hair and makeup. 

Senior Sierra Harris stated, “My favorite part of the night was learning that group dance with everyone. Me and my partner AJ were front and center, which made the whole thing more fun and exciting.”

Junior AJ Eads stated, “My favorite highlight was when I was modeling and the crowd was cheering for me and rooting me on.” 

Near the end, the Ross drumline and Jazz Band took the stage, along with Brianna Gildea singing the classic song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” They put their talent on full display, giving it their all. 

The evening ended with awards and a group dance from all the models. This was an excellent way to wrap everything up while exciting the crowd for this year’s prom. The variance of entertainment selections made the night one to remember.