Spring Into A New Wardrobe


Sydney Prewitt

Juniors Sydney Prewitt and Olivia Mueller pose for a picture at the RiverWalk in San Antonio, Texas while on spring break.

It’s that time of year again, the weather is warmer, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining. Everyone is turning in their big fluffy sweaters for skirts and tank tops.   

Spring brings about popular trends like a summer mindset. When warm weather comes around people can’t help but dream about the long days and feel good vibes that summer brings. Of Ross High School Students surveyed, 41.7 percent of them said that their favorite trending style is a vacation mindset. 

One of the best ways to achieve a summer mindset in your wardrobe is to dress in bold and bright colors. When Ross Students were asked what their favorite trending style for spring was, 33 percent said that their favorite is bold and bright colors. 

Junior Erin MacDonald stated, “During spring I see a lot of colorful dresses and skirts because of the warmer weather”

During the spring people are able to express themselves more with the colors they wear and the outfits they put on. Whether someone wears a flowy skirt to a colorful dress to jeans and a flowy shirt, they all bring their own character to the season. 

Crop top t-shirts, jeans, and shorts are another great way to achieve the summer mindset. Even though Ohio temperatures can be crazy, having a good pair of jeans or shorts to match with any crop top can make you feel confident and ready for summer. 

Senior Abrial Barnett stated, “I think the most popular thing for spring is simplicity, less is more! I feel like people are going to wear a simple crop top with jeans or jean shorts.”

Although spring is typically warmer, a good pair of jeans can make any outfit seem simple yet bold. Jeans are extremely versatile and are a staple for any outfit. 

Junior Erin MacDonald stated, “My favorite article of clothing for spring is a good pair of jeans that fit well and that you can wear with anything.”

Even though jeans and a jean jacket don’t go well together, having a good jean jacket in your wardrobe for spring is a must. A jean jacket can be paired with a crop top t-shirt or a flowy skirt or a bright outfit! This helps you achieve the summer mindset while also dressing for the weather. With the weather in Ohio being cold one day and warm the next, having a jean jacket can help you stay warm when the temperature changes. 

Freshman Olivia Unger stated, “I think that a big spring-time staple is a good jean jacket.”

Even though it may not feel like it, warmer weather slowly is approaching and it is time to get your wardrobe warm weather ready. 

Spring is a chance for everyone to explore their own style and uniqueness. Whatever you decide to wear, it will be a feeling for everyone that warm weather and summer is approaching.