Batman; The New Thriller

Chester Parker looks up reviews on “The Batman” to decide if he should go see the movie in theaters.

Chester Parker looks up reviews on “The Batman” to decide if he should go see the movie in theaters.

Do you like a movie with suspense, excitement, and action packed scenes? If so, “The Batman” is the perfect movie for you. This movie is two hours and 58 minutes long, but is worth the watch. This movie contains a lot of mystery, drama, and many of the iconic Batman moments with an appearance of the “batmobile” and Catwoman.

The plot of the movie consists of the Riddler creating riddles for Batman and the police to solve in order to figure out his plan to destroy Gotham city. Throughout the movie, Batman tries to hunt down the Riddler and figure out his plan. Eventually the Riddler is put in jail after trying to complete his plan, but the movie is left with a big cliffhanger as the Riddler meets an unknown villain in the cell next to him.

“The Batman” is a thriller and has a lot of intense action scenes that many viewers loved watching. These viewers really enjoyed the movie and thought it was well worth the watch.

Freshman Beckham Baker stated, “It was beautifully atmospheric, Batman was closer to comic Batman than anything; [SIC] he was gruff and furious throughout the film.”

Baker enjoyed the “atmospheric” feature of the movie, meaning that the movie created a distinctive mood. Baker also liked the fact that Batman was very similar to the Batman in the original comic books. While Baker and I thought the movie was very entertaining, others have different opinions.

The movie had many cool features and scenes, but sophomore Ellie Meister was opposed to the movie and stated, “it was way too long for what was featured.” 

Even if you don’t like DC movies, Detective Comic series, this movie is still a good movie to watch for anyone. You could even take some friends with you and have a good time. The movie might be a little confusing, but it does a good job of keeping the viewer engaged with the movie and keeps them thinking about what may come next.

Freshman Ricky Rompies stated, “Great movie to watch with friends and even if you are not a DC fan you will enjoy it [SIC].” 

In order to go watch “The Batman,” you can go to Xscape Theaters in Colerain, AMC West Chester, CMX Liberty, or any movie theater near you. Ticket prices are a reasonable six dollars at Xscape Theaters, a more pricey 14 dollars at AMC West Chester, and 15 dollars at CMX Liberty. All of these theaters have websites you can go to in order to buy a ticket. Also, the movie is coming soon to Apple TV in case you don’t want to go see the movie in a theater.

There are many different options for watching the movie and I would definitely recommend it. So, if you’re looking to get out; go out with friends; or just have some fun, take some friends; get some popcorn; and go watch a thriller of a movie.