Making Your Promposal Unforgettable


Prom is just around the corner, making proposals a hot topic. For many, this is a very special time for those they’re close to and being able to make this dance one to remember. 

This is a relatively simple question that can be asked at any time. However, everyone deserves that special message delivered in a creative and fun way. There are many ways to branch out and try an exciting proposal idea. 

Through the years Ross has seen multiple kinds of unique promposals to take place. From poster boards, to chocolates, to flowers and balloons. There is a never ending amount of creativity put into each proposal.

Looking into some specific types of proposals being planned by fellow students, there is a large amount of care and consideration put into their ideas. 

Junior Noah Schlasinger stated, “I think to prompose to someone makes it special and gives it meaning instead of simply asking someone. Everyone can be nervous to ask but it can also be fun brainstorming ideas and making a sign or some other way to elaborate ways to ask them. The whole point is to have a great night and asking someone creatively sets the tone for it.”

The opportunities are endless for ways this question can be asked, making each time a new and memorable experience for both students. 

It’s important to keep the proposal unique to you and your date. Taking the time to put your own interesting twist into it will make it one to remember.

Junior Ethan Krekeler stated, “When the promposal relates to an inside joke or something you both like it shows that you put thought and effort to ask someone to spend their time with you that night and that you care.”

These experienced students feel that some of the best proposals come from the heart and their excitement for the dance. Choosing to go all out and do something with meaning and thoughtfulness is a favorite way of doing things. 

Senior Gracie Elliot stated, “I proposed with a goat and a sign that said Jonathon will you GOAT to prom with me? I made a promposal because he asked me and it made me feel special and I wanted to make him feel special. I wanted him to feel and know that he is loved too.”

Looking into all the aspects of what it takes to make a good promposal and the different types that have been done, it is certain that there will be no shortage of creativity put into asking this question. Whether it’s private and meaningful, or extravagant and almost embarrassing, the effort and answer is what really matters in the end.