ConZart: The Collection of Creativity


The concert band’s lineup of songs for ConZart: The Avengers, America, E Pluribus Unum, and Scarborough Fair.

Groups like the athletic and academic departments make sure students get recognition for their work. The art department is no different. ConZart is an event held every year at RHS to showcase the work students have put in through the arts and entertainment classes offered through the school. From watercolor paintings to a concert band performance of Avengers, this year’s ConZart has a lot to offer. 

ConZart, a combination of the words “concert” and “art”, is held throughout RHS’s hallways. Artwork from the year’s art classes will line the walls of the school while performance groups like the school’s concert band and choir will be performing in the performing arts center. 

This year, the event is on May 12 and will feature art from classes such as Art and Media Fundamentals, Ceramics, and Photography; the concert band, jazz band, a percussion ensemble; Legacy– the show choir– will be performing alongside the concert choirs, Pure Harmony, and Symphonic Chorale.

Mrs. Baker, an art teacher at RHS, stated, “Guests will see drawings, paintings, photographs, ceramics, crafts, and more. We [will] also attempt to route the path through the hallways to include the new murals painted that year.”

Baker and Mrs. Lawson, another art teacher at RHS, are in charge of selecting the artwork that gets featured at ConZart. They choose artwork from all of the art classes, so the hallways will be lined with select drawings, paintings, crafts, ceramics, photographs, and even enamel art.

The other half of ConZart is focused on the musical arts in the school. Mr. Roemer and Mr. Finkbine, respectively, are the teachers of the band and choir groups performing.

Roemer stated, “We’ve got four pieces, some are serious, some are more popular, like Avengers and America from West Side Story. The other two are more formal concert songs that we’ve been working on for a while.”

The band has been practicing since the second semester of school started. Everyday during the last half of third block, as well as after school with the Jazz Band, Roemer has been rehearsing the songs with the students to perfect them for ConZart. 

Finkbine, the director of RHS’s choral program, stated, “The choirs are performing a wide variety of music at ConZart – they’re performing a Hamilton The Musical Medley, a couple of spirituals, an arrangement of a classic church hymn “Be Thou My Vision” which has become a favorite, an acapella piece called “Prayer of the Children.” Finkbine also stated that Legacy would be performing their show one last time.

Baker, Roemer, and Finkbine stated that ConZart is a great opportunity for the art department to showcase everything they do. All three teachers stated how ConZart is a great tradition of RHS and how they love seeing everyone admiring the artistic side of RHS.