Movie Review: Avatar: The Way of the Water


The way of the water creature swimming in the ocean with the Na’vi by its side. Picture credits VEVO preview of the film.

Only 13 years later producers James Cameron and Jon Landau released the second Avatar movie. Avatar: The Way of the Water debuted in theaters on Dec. 16, 2022 and is likely to stay in theaters until at least Feb. 2023. The movie had many positive aspects such as lessons learned but for some it didn’t meet their expectations.

Katie Reed, grade 11, said, ”No matter what your family is the strongest weapon you have against anyone and anything.”

Avatar: The Way of the Water is a movie that touches on Jake Sully, the main character, and Neytiri, the main character’s significant other, and their dedication to the family they made together. This couple tries to stress the importance of family, especially in hard times.

Joe Gadd, grade 12, said the movie was, “Too long, predictable outcomes, kinda cliche.”

The movie is three hours and 12 minutes long filled with mesmerizing scenes with genres science fiction and action. The film showcases the indigenous Na’vi, also known as the Blue people and their realistic connection with creatures and nature. Film makers Cameron and Landau show a different world, Pandora, which is where Neytiri shows Jake how to survive. Now that the humans want to come and hunt Jake and his family, they desperately flee to safety.

Metkayina, The Blue People clan by Pandora Reef, decide if they want to trust Jake’s family to help shelter them. The Metkayina clan has to show Jake’s family what will be their new lifestyle throughout the movie. Doing so they make sure the family stays together and to be strong as they learn. The Metkayina gives Jake’s family a hard time, which reveals Jake’s family’s personality. Some viewers didn’t understand the emotions and actions taken by kids; they were seen as “soft”. Personally, I would say the kids are irritating because they would give away the upcoming scenario. stated, “Avatar used two major filming techniques, 40% of which were live-action filming and the rest were computer-generated imagery (CGI).”

This technique allows the movie to look more realistic, especially if views go see it in 3-D. I think the movie in 3-D captures beautiful visual details in the film. Seeing the movie in theaters had me noticing the attentiveness the audience had to the screen. said, “The original film was around 70-75% computer generated but for this sequel that percentage is said to be 90%.”

Seeing the movie in 3-D is captivating but on July 8, 2023 Avatar: The Way of the Water will be streaming on Disney Plus. If you’re not sure when to see the sequel, my suggestion is to save your money and watch the movie for less on Disney Plus.