Ross High Times Successfully Raises $117 For Children’s Cancer Research


Payton Jones

The children’s cancer research fund in action in the RHS cafeteria.

As a Marketing Manager for the Ross High Times, I enjoy hosting fundraisers and supporting those struggling while also spreading the word about Journalism. That is why I hosted a fundraiser to help the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. The Children’s Cancer Research Fund accepts donations that support life-saving research for children with cancer. 

Throughout the weeklong fundraiser a total of $117 was donated by the RHS staff and student body. I started accepting donations on Monday, Jan. 23 during all lunch shifts in the cafeteria. The RHT offered gift cards through a drawing at the end of every day for all who donated.

At first, I was skeptical that people might not want to donate. However, I received $15 in donations on the first day and many students came up to me saying they were going to bring money throughout the next couple of days, and I was very reassured by hearing that from students. 

Junior Camron Laseur stated, “I donated because it’s for a good cause and I have money so, I might as well help.”

Every day of the fundraiser more and more funds were donated. Cancer is a big deal, not only to RHS but also to me personally. Multiple students and teachers throughout the past and present have had to fight for their lives against cancer, which made this fundraiser more personal and impactful. I have had family members pass away from cancer, and I have seen some of my fellow students and past coaches here at RHS battle cancer. 

Throughout the fundraiser I have seen RHS start to come closer together. I have heard stories from donors of their family members, friends, or them personally battling cancer. Many people who donated have a personal connection to cancer. It became clear donors were in it to help kids and support research for a cure for cancer.

The RHT took a chance to stand up to cancer. Through the students and staff, we were able to help give children and families more hope. This moment will forever be in my heart and leave an impact not only on the families and doctors receiving the donations but also the participants throughout the fundraiser. 

The Children’s Cancer Research Fund Fundraiser was a success. Although we only raised $117, I know that any donation amount can help children and doctors beat cancer. A big thank you to all of the generous students and staff who donated and were able to spread awareness and provide hope. If you would like to donate and support The Children’s Cancer Research Fund further you can donate at