First Wellness Fair Successful


Briana Tzeiranakis

Students participate in the first wellness fair at Ross High School.

In Dec. 2022, Ross High School gym teacher, Alan Gray conducted the first wellness fair with the intention of gathering RHS students to interact with one another while participating in gym activities. 

This fair was implemented to help students who do not take gym and need exercise throughout their school day. Many students and staff enjoyed the wellness fair. It was a way to remain social but also take part in activities that will keep the students occupied. Activities included in the wellness fair were volleyball, basketball, badminton, and ping pong.

Gray stated,“…research backs up the importance of getting physical activity and how it increases academic success.”

Being active throughout the day helps students to concentrate, improving classroom behavior. It also helps students with their mental health. Physical activities benefit students in highly positive ways.

Sophomore Jojo Vanover, a student in Gray’s gym class said he would like the wellness fair to happen again. He enjoyed the fair as well as seeing his friends and doing activities with them. 

According to the sign up sheet, there were over 427 ross students whose teachers brought them into the wellness fair. Being in Gray’s gym class will allow you as a student to be involved in the fair. Overall, the fair was a success, and Gray is going to start hosting the wellness fair during all semesters. 

According to Gray, “I hope to include more activities, as we do this each year…Although the wellness fair is created by students, I envision a potential shift in focus to include community health providers as part of the fair, the main purpose of it would be to provide information to students regarding overall wellness and how to access resources.”

Gray plans to have the next wellness fair preceding testing in April. Look for sign ups in the spring.