Ross Show Choir: An Iconic Year So Far


Legacy Show Choir Instagram

Ross Legacy Show Choir members gathered together to take a picture.

The results are in, the Ross Legacy Show Choir is having an ‘iconic’ year with exciting new challenges.

The Ross High School choir teacher and choral director Mr. Sterling Finkbine stated, “Show choir is a combination of music and athletics, students are singing and dancing at the same time which takes a lot of training to do. It’s a really hard and difficult thing to do.”

There are currently 85 total members in Show Choir with students ranging from their first year to their sixth year. This year’s Show Choir students expressed that they love what they do. One of the many reasons is the fact that they get to  participate together to make a show for competitions with singing and dancing. Students then compete against other schools and get ranked based on their opponents. 

It’s been a positive year for Legacy so far as they received first place in their first competition in Virginia on Jan. 21. The group also received second place in their competition after at Findlay High School on Jan. 28. 

When asked why students enjoy Show Choir, senior and singer/dancer Lexie Gibbons stated, ”Definitely my best friends. I’ve created some lifelong memories through the different years.”

In a survey, freshman Joslyn Rider stated, “Traveling with all of my friends whether it’s to West Virginia or Hamilton, and just the feeling of being on stage in front of thousands of people theres [sic] nothing that compares to it.’

Many students also shared in the survey that they enjoy Show Choir for the relationships they have with their crew members. It’s a great way to make new friendships and memories. Many students become very close with their peers when they see each other everyday. 

Also, there are many upcoming events for Legacy such as a competition in Nashville, Tennessee March 9-12. As well as many competitions at different high schools including Fairfield and Loveland. Good luck to all Legacy members on their upcoming performances.