Tips for Teens Seeking Employment in the Ross Community


Sarah Eldridge

Ross High School’s Student Work Permits can be located at the RHS front office.

It is fairly common for high school students to begin job searching. Luckily the Ross community has many job opportunities that work well for teenagers, and some businesses are also flexible when considering sport/extracurricular schedules. To avoid making the wrong decision when applying for jobs, here are some tips and tricks to use when looking into businesses that are hiring.

While searching for future jobs, there are certain characteristics that should be considered. These factors include the businesses’ pay, opening and closing hours, and schedule flexibility. When juggling both school and work, not looking into these features may have a negative effect on the student’s mental and physical health.

When asked what Ross businesses have a flexible schedule, sophomore Cynthia Hildenbrand stated, “Brown’s Family Farm market definitely does, they cater towards you during the seasons they are open. And since most of their staff is high schoolers, they understand the hours needed for schools/clubs/etc.”

Businesses that are closely located to a high school usually understand that they will receive many applications from students. Teenagers are still experimenting with sports and/or extracurriculars that they may be interested in, so their schedules are always changing. Businesses are often flexible with these changes while also considering the students’ school work as well.

In Ross, there are different fields of work that students can go into. Gold Star, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Skyline are all options in the food industry, while Brown’s Family Farm Market, Ross Nails, Family Dollar, and IGA are all options in the service industry.

A person’s success at work is affected by the field of work they’re in. When applying for different jobs it is important for the student to consider how well their personality will connect with the work environment. It is common for extroverts to thrive in greeting customers while introverts tend to be more comfortable working in the back. 

As more businesses appear in Ross, more RHS students will have the desire to work. Competition for jobs may become stronger as more teens apply, but with Ross’ wide range of work, students will be able to gain work experience while also enjoying the service that they provide.

If you are interested in applying for a job, visit the RHS homepage through You can locate the available job opportunities under the Student Services headline, and the website will aid you with additional information about the position you are interested in.