Ross High School Organizes First Culture Diversity Club

Juniors Katyn Lauck and Benjamin Owens discuss plans for the future of the new Cultural Diversity Club.

Juniors Katyn Lauck and Benjamin Owens discuss plans for the future of the new Cultural Diversity Club.

Ross High School has begun taking positive action by learning and appreciating our differences throughout the world through starting the first Cultural Diversity Club. 

After the first quarter of this school year, the English elective “Cultural Diversity in Literature” ended. Students felt it was important to understand other cultures, especially because it was helping them learn new information about their own country. 

English teacher Kristen Main stated, “[The students] felt something needed to be done to increase awareness and promote equity and understanding by beginning in high school.”

The Cultural Diversity Club is a student run group that sees the club as an opportunity to make the community a better place for everyone, especially those of color. 

Main stated, “I think there is a great need for this group. I believe there are many students who understand the need for such a group. The world has become a smaller place and more and more diversity is a part of this.”

Junior Benjamin Owens stated, “[We] are here to educate and inform people about different cultures and ethnicities and to help stop systemic racism.”

The club has discussed many future activities such as an in-house field trip, publicizing awareness months for different ethnicities and races, and possibly annual field trips to the Freedom Center and other historical places. These field trips would promote the acceptance and learning of other cultures and ethnicities.

The club, consisting of about 20 members, meets every other Thursday during Extended Rambell to plan future events. The club welcomes new members to help out and get involved by showing up to help out others and participate in the club’s activities.

Main also stated, “…if we want to be a kinder society, then we have to be willing to open ourselves up to those who look at and experience the world differently from us.  Students should join because this will help them learn about others, and in doing so, they will be able to interact with and appreciate those different from them in the work force and in daily life.”

Ross is not known to be very culturally diverse, therefore, the Cultural Diversity Club will be a great opportunity for RHS students to not only learn about different cultures and ethnicities, but will also be a great chance to get involved in the community. If you are interested in the idea of joining, the club will always have its doors open to those who want to take action and bring change.