Opinion: Schools Aren’t Fully Preparing Students for Society


As a junior, scheduling for senior year feels stressful. Senior year is when you make sure you have taken the classes for your college or career of choice. Which can cause a lot of pressure on a person. I remember my counselor asking me if I wanted to attend college and what major. I didn’t know at the time or understand what major I wanted to look into and it turns out I’m not the only one.

There are many questions high schoolers have when it comes to “life after high school”. Many want to know if there is an online exam to help. There are several classes you can take but they are the basic career paths like Science and medicine, Human Services, Business and Communication, as well as Marketing. I want to know exactly what to dedicate myself to. In a Google survey, seven out of ten people said they somewhat receive enough information from school to help figure out what to do after high school.

(I don’t have my source yet but I will go to Raby to answer the questions above and put it here 🙂

I found a website that can help students select their major and spark their personal interest, Loyola University Chicago Major Quiz. After taking this quiz, I still question if the major is for me. If I were to go to college, I think it would be important to know exactly what to do considering I believe it’s the foundation of my career path.

It can be challenging to understand what to major in or if college is for you. Being unaware is normal, from a Google survey many said they are uncertain exactly what major they want. Some also would like if school had career path courses to help the students test the waters and see what sparks their interest. I am one of those students; I would like to see what I am really good at and if I can find what I would like to do for the rest of my life. How can school help with this?

School can help students who want to go down the college path by making them more aware of what preparations they need to succeed. I believe school can help every student by letting them learn more of how society rolls by giving them more hands-on opportunities to job shadow, volunteer, or teach the class.

Many times I have heard that school is supposed to get you ready for the “real world”. I feel it helps get students ready by understanding ourselves and our limits but it doesn’t help us understand everyday things such as. Financing, taxes, and social skills. I think school should aid students in understanding society’s everyday needs and stop focusing on individual needs.

Being a junior and hearing “If you don’t go to college you will not be successful” really added on to the stress for when I scheduled for senior year. Looking at the big picture, I realized that isn’t the only thing to worry about. So if you are overwhelmed about life after high school, you should talk to someone or do independent research. Remember you do not need to figure out how your life could go, you do need to know what your interests are.