What’s Life Like at Butler Tech?

Butler Tech Students do hair in the Cosmetology Program.

Butler Tech Students do hair in the Cosmetology Program.

Ross High School has many things to offer such as sports as well as different electives. While traditional high school isn’t for everyone, Butler Tech is an amazing option with many benefits to your education with other benefits that can help your future.

Ross Butler Tech Senior Whitney Adkinson stated,”I love that Butler Tech isn’t like a normal high school and they set you on the right path for a future career.”

Even though Butler Tech is a high school, students get many opportunities that normal schools don’t offer. For example, instead of sitting in general classes all day, you get to be a part of a program where you get to study your future career in your program. 

Adkinson stated,”You get special certifications from your desired program, you learn easier and better with the classes here, and Butler Tech does a good job at putting us in the right path.” 

Butler Tech Student Emma Mckinney Stated,”I loved getting to learn about Auto Collision and being able to paint cars and restore them as well as Butler Tech helping me get an amazing job in the workforce.”

Butler Tech has many benefits to education, such as being around people and a community. 

Adkinson Stated,” I love the positive environment. I love the coffee shop ran by Project Life students and they have a fun time getting to experience running a business.” 

Another pro to Butler Tech is that no experience is needed for any program at the school.

Adkinson stated,”You can come straight in and they teach you everything in the books for your desired career path.” 

If you love getting to experience something different from normal school, Butler Tech is another option to try. If you are a freshman or sophomore with this interest, you can talk to your guidance counselor about applying for Butler Tech in the future, with the deadline usually being around January through February.