The Legacy of Mr. Jeffery Korb


As Mr. Korb finishes out his last year of teaching here at Ross High School, we would like to look back on some of the things he has done not only for FFA but also for RHS and the student body.

Korb has left a huge impact on RHS as he has been teaching here for 30 years. He has touched the hearts of many students and left a legacy that will be remembered. He has taught through decades of families and friends. While also creating lasting friendships throughout the students that have entered his classroom.

Senior Jenna Boyd stated, “Korb taught both of my aunts and my mom. He has had my whole family in class and we’ve become really good friends with him, his wife, and his kids.” 

It is not easy for Korb to leave FFA or RHS. He is leaving behind underclassmen that he just started to teach and build relationships with. However he is leaving on good positive terms and reaching the goal he set for himself. 

Korb stated, “It’s going to be hard to leave the classroom because I built really good relationships with my students. That is what I’m going to miss the most and it will be the toughest thing to do, leaving my students.”

Many current and past students believe that Korb is leaving behind a legacy. Not only has he taught here for 30 years but he also accomplished great things during his time here. Korb has led many students to the state and national level FFA competition, leading many students to a successful future in farming. He has maintained a strong FFA program at Ross for the past 25 years. As well as keeping relationships outside of school with his students. 

Korb stated, “I have felt like it was my purpose in life to be an Agriculture teacher. Also I think we’ve had some really great students come through here, very successful members, during and after high school and that’s one thing I am really proud of.” 

Junior Ben Schulte stated, “I think Korb is leaving a legacy because he has been at Ross many years, has taught many students, and has accomplished many things.” 

Korb plans to farm full time on his property and work alongside his son on occasion. Be sure to say your goodbyes to Mr. Korb as his career at RHS comes to an end. We wish him luck as he continues to pursue agriculture.