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Opinion on Early Graduates at RHS

Picture from Southern Living, “Everything You Need To Know About Graduation Etiquette” Article.
Picture from Southern Living, “Everything You Need To Know About Graduation Etiquette” Article.

Making the decision to graduate high school early is not an easy one to make. Graduating from high school is a major step through a doorway to enter adulthood. 

Is graduating high school early worth it? What are the benefits of graduating high school early?

There are both downsides and benefits to graduating high school early. It may be the right decision for some students but not for all.

Jonah Klenk said, “I’m in the process of graduating early from RHS as a Junior, and think it is best for me because I’ll have more time to decide what I want. I have all the credits I need and am ready for the next step.”

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Klenk believes that graduating early from RHS will have a good effect on him, benefiting his future. Graduating high school early is more than just receiving a diploma before your classmates. It also means you have earned all required credits and obtained a recognized high school diploma.

All high school students are required to earn a specific number of credits in all mandatory subjects. This includes subjects such as English, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Earning the required number of credits in a shorter period of time can sound very attractive to high school students.

The biggest benefit of graduating high school early is the opportunity to get a head start on college or work. The National Center for Education Statistics stated, “80% of students graduate early from high school in the state of Ohio.” As a Junior graduating early, you can still participate in senior activities, while getting the academic challenge you need.

At Ross High School, there aren’t many students who graduate early. Most people want to graduate with their friends and enjoy all of the senior activities, as an actual senior.

One downside of graduating early is ending up with the mental block of senioritis. Senioritis is the feeling of you being burnt out on school and you often show a decline in motivation and performance.

As a senior, you’re schedule could have gaps created within causing you to have late arrival or early dismissal. This could be a downside because you could have too much free time on your hands. This may cause you trouble in the present and the future, even still with being in school.

 As students may say it’s “smart” to graduate early, there are always two sides to this argument. Which side are you choosing?

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