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Does Social Media do more Harm than Good at RHS?

Freshman Briana Frazier, Ruby Harris, Olivia Brown, Quinn Laurens, and Bradley Pharr scrolling through social media.

Social Media hasn’t been around for a long time, but it has definitely become a big part of today’s society as well as everyone’s daily life. Many people or even everyone you know is going to be connected to at least one social media platform that has impacted  people in different ways.

From a google survey, Sophomore Victoria Wocher stated,”Yes and no. It can be a fun way to express yourself but there’s also a negative impact on you mentally.”

There are many people who use social media during most of their freetime but might not actually enjoy it. This affects almost anyone who comes across social media, but it mostly affects teenagers including students at RHS. There are lots of pros to social media, but the main thing causing this issue is the cons.

From a google survey, Sophomore Rylee Klenk stated,”One pro of using social media is being able to talk to your friends, and post what you’re doing whenever you want. One con of using social media is jealousy or becoming addicted.”

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Even though social media affects people in negative ways it also has positive things to it. Lots of RHS students commonly use it as a main communication source, and it also gives updates on what happens in today’s society. 

From a Google survey, Freshman Bryan Pence stated, “It could go both ways. Social media being removed would solve a lot of problems with society right now, but it would also be harder to communicate with others and share our ideas.” 

Before social media came into everyone’s life everybody was able to live comfortably. Now that we have social media, there are people who can’t live their lives without it. That includes students at RHS, as well as everyone else in the Ross community. Some people even think everyone would be better off without it. 

From a Google survey, Freshman Ruby Beers stated,” Yes, because then people can get out of the addiction of liking social media and always being on it by getting rid of it forever.”

A lot of problems in today’s world come from social media, but there are several things where it can come in need. From a Google survey, Sophomore Harry Moeller stated,”Ehhh… I don’t know. It’s definitely a useful tool to communicate with others, and spread/hear opinions and ideas from lots of people, but it can also be a place of toxicity, disagreement, and preconceived notions. I do think this is part of the fact, and overall social media is worth it.” 

Overall social media does cause a lot of harm, but it also is needed for many things. Many different platforms such as snapchat, tiktok, instagram, facebook, twitter, etc that contribute to these things. 


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