Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

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Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Be loud. Be proud. Be herd.

Ross High Times

Ross High School Blood Drive Saves Lives

Ross High School Students are ready to donate. Picture By: Olivia Gibbons

Blood drives help many people throughout the world so Ross High School wanted to participate in the help. They held a blood drive on October 21, 2023 that anyone 16 and older could sign up to donate. There was a great turnout with 53 registered students and 44 donations. 

Junior Amber Rook, one of the donors shared some of her experience when she was asked what the conditions were like as she was donating. She stated,“ I got a little lightheaded while getting my blood drawn but after that I was fine.” Rook also stated that she got cold but the people running it gave her a blanket. 

Most of the time people want to give blood so they feel good about themselves but Rook did it because she had never done it and wanted to give back to those in need. She was also the only one in her family who has ever given blood due to their fear of needles.

Rook was also asked what the environment was like as she was getting her blood drawn, she explained,“They had a lot of fans blowing on people so they didn’t feel nauseous.” This is a great way for people to feel like they are comfortable while making a difference.

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Getting your blood drawn can be nerve-racking or scary, but not for Rook. She said she was very interested in getting her blood drawn and she has never been to anything like that before so it was kind of cool to be part of it. 

Rook gave insight on what the blood looked like as it was getting drawn,“I tried not to look at it that much but in the beginning, it flowed very easily so it didn’t look thick at all but towards the end they had me squeeze the stress ball to keep it going.” It seemed that Rook wasn’t scared, she was excited. That’s the best mindset to have when you are a first-timer at getting blood drawn.

Ross High Schools blood drive had such a great turnout. They were able to donate so much and help so many people in need. Everyone donating was eager to do what they could to participate for a great cause. 

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