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Counter Strike 2 prize pool Esports tournament: FaZe vs Gamerlegion


CsGo is a world renowned multiplayer game with millions of fans worldwide, it’s also the predecessor to Cs2 or Counter Strike 2. Cs2 is the same kind of multiplayer game that involves terrorists(T) and counter terrorists(CT) and is a better version of its predecessor CSGO. The main goal for the terrorists is to plant a bomb on one of two sites, A or B. 


Each map has its own gameplay, due to the range of different players and skill. At the beginning of each round each team is able to buy gear/weapons to beat the other players. The first round is called a pistol round, the only things the players can buy in these rounds are the 5 pistols. After that getting new weapons depends on the amount of kills and if your team wins the round. These are the ways of getting money to buy new weapons and gear, like armor and throwables like smoke bombs etc.

Every 12 rounds you switch sides T to CT and CT to T, this resets and puts the players back into a pistol round.

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A lot of people find this game enjoyable for a multitude of reasons like the Cs2 player that goes by the alias Kuusarii “Cs2 is enjoyable because of how balanced the game is”.

This is a game covered by Esports, Esports is a gaming center for top players to win a tournament. These players usually go into a clan such as FaZe and GamerLegion.

FaZe is a more well known team with over 510 million fans on multiple social media sites. GamerLegion is lesser known with over a million fans. 

These clans can sign up for events/tournaments for cash prizes, a prize pool from this year was 1.25 million dollars.  These tournaments with prize pools have multiple ways of preventing cheats. Kussarii also stated that “The competitive scene is reliable due to the LAN tournaments that makes it impossible to cheat in prize pool tournaments”. Depending on the game, amount of players, and placement can affect the amount of money a player can earn. 

Over October 20-22 an event took place at Aware Super Theater named IEM Sydney 2023. This event had a Prize pool for $250,000. To recap a game in the tournament, Within the first few rounds GamerLegion was on the losing side. GamerLegion wasn’t able to handle FaZe’s strategy in the first few rounds, before GamerLegion adapted to said strategy causing an 11-11 overtime. As the game progressed Gamerlegion slowly gained the lead and kept it, causing them to take victory with 19-15. 

Sources: IEM Sydney tournament, Echarts, Harvard international review 19-15

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